Rocky Mountain Vascular Center

Colorado Springs, CO | 2016

Our client sought after Tremmel Design Group to create a new and exciting medical architecture design for their tenant.  An outdated medical office had acquired new tenants and was in need of a remodel to better serve a new purpose.  Our clients are experts at growing their medical business and were pleased that TDG was able to design a medical office that retained the business image while also creating new design features unique to this location. It was TDG’s challenge to make this location fit within its context of Colorado Springs.

Healthcare architecture can provide great opportunity for creativity.  TDG designed a new space for its tenant that provided its patients a calming, comfortable environment.

A patient’s experience and circulation route through the facility was taken in high regard.  Every item along their path was designed with the user in mind.

TDG’s medical architecture and healthcare taught us that it works best when both the patient and the professional can navigate the space without affecting the other.  We believe that by listening to our clients, we can design spaces that are truly custom.  It is one of TDG’s goals with every project to fit a client’s needs with the architecture we create.

Soothing colors and materials aided in the overall design approach to the space, as did strategically placing well-designed elements in pre-procedure and post-procedure areas.