Lowell Neighborhood

Colorado Springs, CO | Residential

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Located on 58 acres surrounding the historic Lowell School, the Lowell neighborhood represents a unique and historic opportunity for families and individuals to live in Colorado Springs' original "Traditional Neighborhood Development" community. It is a current ongoing project as TDG Architecture strives to continue creating new spaces within the downtown neighborhood.

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We strive to create special spaces and places to reflect our community’s history while leading it into an active, sustainable future.

Lowell Aerial SKetch
Lowell neighborhood
Lowell Neighborhood | Colorado Springs, CO
Draper Commons - Aerial ORTHO
Lowell Ridge, South Downtown Colorado Springs, CO
  • A community with office condominiums, retail facilities, and retirement living opportunities.


  • A community that, with it's central location and proximity to many of the key employment centers of the City, offers a wonderful solution to Interstate traffic jams and long commutes.


  • A community that encourages pedestrian traffic, interaction among neighbors, and offers the convenience of downtown services, entertainment, and activities.