PeakMed Primary Care

Colorado Springs, CO | 2016

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a new medical provider that has been expanding a digitally based practice called Peak Medical. This provider specializes in one stop, short appointment oriented services which also monitors clients using their current health monitoring systems, so the doctor can keep up with the client’s health electronically, both in terms of medical needs and their health/exercise needs. The doctor who founded the practice has four facilities. TDG has worked with the Peak Med doctor and staff from the beginning and has been part of the design of four of their forward-looking centers.

The building and interior designs of the Peak Med facilities reflect the unique services provided. Each facility feels more relaxed and personal at a residential scale than most medical offices.

The waiting areas are more ‘living room’ sized  due to the nature of the medical services provided. On any given day, a patient may be one of just a few coming in to see the doctor, not one of dozens. We were also able to do the waiting areas more spread out throughout the space to take advantage of views or unique building areas.

The idea that medical care is unobtrusively monitored as a function of how care is delivered allowed us to step away from typical practices because the service is focused so individually. This ultimately makes Peak Med more of a people practice and through our design we emphasized that. The spaces, lighting and materials are more residential and relatable. We still have to provide the same ADA access, bio controls, HIPAA requirements, etc, but we are answering those requirements at a whole different scale, with a whole different client in mind that is providing a whole different level of individualized medical care.