John Venezia Community Park

Colorado Springs, CO | 2017

The John Venezia Community Park is located on the corner of Briargate Parkway and Union Boulevard in Colorado Springs. The project is was completed in summer 2017.

The park takes on a Ranch theme, honoring Colorado's unique heritage. Each feature in the park is cleverly named after something you might find on a traditional Colorado Ranch.

  • The Homestead is a large pavilion and picnic area near a large parking lot
  • The Corral is an accessible playground and shade shelters
  • The Watering Hole is a spray ground with nearby restrooms
  • The Round Pin is a small artificial turf field
  • The Range includes three soccer fields, a small playground, an in-line hockey rink/basketball court, six tennis courts, four pickleball courts, a plaza overlooking multi-use fields, restrooms, two parking lots, and nearby on-street parking
  • The Pastures have shade shelters, gravel walking loops, and parking lot