Front Range Endoscopy Center

Colorado Springs, CO | Healthcare


The beauty of redesigning the Front Range Endoscopy Center was that the building was located adjacent to a historic neighborhood called the Old North End in Colorado Springs. The building was originally a 1920’s house and then a gastroenterology office before becoming the endoscopy procedure center. With the challenge of creating a medical facility in an old neighborhood, we looked to create the new clinic in a ‘house-like’ design. The street elevation and scale would fit the residential look while the required bulk of the procedure center could be hidden in the back. Part of the beauty of this choice was that the center could have a traditional front porch and welcoming tall ceilings that create a familiar feel to better relax a patient while at the clinic. While waiting for a procedure like a colonoscopy, the office-like coldness of a fluorescent-lit room with a suspended acoustical ceiling allows little comfort. But in a much more home-like space, and in a residential neighborhood, the center can help provide a sense of community and well-being. The building still maintains the expected cleanness, safety and brightness of a medical facility in all procedure areas but, coupled with the added benefit of the more pleasant waiting area, makes the patient’s experience at the Front Range Endoscopy Center less desirable than most places performing similar procedures.