Forest Keep

Parker, CO | 2021

The home’s inspiration began with our amazing team of professionals.  Our team shared imagery of styles that blended Contemporary, Prairie, and Mountain.  The result is a home that sews together strong horizontals, singular verticality, materials which evoke the outdoors, exposed steel that visually expresses the structure, and details that signal sleek contemporary design.  It was important to us to place the main and secondary entries with stunning vistas whether interior or exterior.  From both vantage points, the views are directed to catch interior spaces and slowly shift them out towards nature.

A site visit keyed us into the views we needed to capture, and the form of the home was created by responding to those views and how the home wanted to function.  Devil’s Head is located within the property’s vista to the south, so we knew the home needed to open itself up there.  As you drive up the road, the home sits beautifully perched on the property’s slope.  Nearing the driveway, the home closes up to create a moment of privacy for the primary suite.

Our team dialed in a program that would well suit a family of 5 to 6, locating each public and private space with heavy consideration of how they all work together.  Bedroom suites on the main and upper levels are somewhat isolated to encourage privacy, but also share the expansive southerly views.

A favorite moment of mine is the main entry, both inside and out.  Beginning with an added drama, one enters the home over a bridged walkway with a tall stone volume at your right.  Then, walking inside under a low steel catwalk above you, you pass by it to find yourself in the double height space of the main living area.   Your eyes will be attracted to the view out, but when turning back around you’ll find the spectacular three-story stair tower at your back, accentuated with sculptural steel elements.  Other moments of the home that we captured are the connection to the outdoors when inside each space.  It was a focus of ours to locate openings at the end of each vista upon entering various spaces.   Galiant Homes did an outstanding job making this dream home a reality.