Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs, CO | Ongoing

For over twenty years, Tremmel Design Group has aided Colorado Springs Utilities in several of their municipal architecture projects.  As a full-service architectural firm, TDG has economically provided the entire spectrum of architectural services from pre-construction services through construction administration for several CSU projects. For every project in progress and completed, TDG has worked hard and smart to uphold Colorado Springs Utilities’  commitment and value to the community’s water and energy future by providing services that keep CSU’s facilities efficient and productive. This relationship is still as strong as ever as several projects are currently in progress while Tremmel Design Group works as one of CSU’s On-Call Municipal Professional Services.

Freeze Protected Storage Addition at Leon Young Service Center South

The Freeze Protect Storage Addition project was a 6,100 square foot single story heated vehicle storage addition to the existing Barricades/Old Transit Facility located on Hancock Expressway. Working closely with Colorado Springs Utilities’ Facilities Management, the user groups, the engineers, and contractor, Tremmel Design Group provided design development, construction documents, facilitation through the building department to obtain the building permit and construction administration and project closeout for this project.

Investment Recovery Building at Leon Young Service Center South

The Investment Recovery Building was a 9,150 square foot single story office/warehouse building constructed of precast concrete panels. TDG was involved from the onset of the design process with the users group and stakeholders to determine the building and site program. After conceptually siting the building and designing the floor plans, we continued to work closely with the CSU team, our team of engineers and the contractor to ensure a that the project would meet the user’s needs and budget and the building systems were best for the project through Design Development and Construction Documents. After facilitating the drawings through the building department to obtain the building permit, we continued to provide construction document and project close-out services.

Bio Energy Facilities Concept Rendering

The Energy Supply Division was researching the possibilities of providing a Bio Energy Facility for Colorado Springs. This facility would turn bio waste into energy for the community. Based on the user group’s parameters, general information of other facilities of this type and a proposed location, Tremmel Design Group provided three conceptual renderings of the proposed facility in Colorado Springs. The objective of the renderings was to provide a visual aid in demonstrating how well a facility of this nature would fit into the fabric of Colorado Springs.

Energy and Water Efficiency Exhibits

Since Colorado Springs Utilities is committed to educating the taxpayers in the best use of energy and water, Tremmel Design Group was invited to assist the Energy and Water Conservation departments with the concept design of their conservation and educational exhibits for the public. After meeting with the stakeholders, researching their previous exhibit concepts and current comparable exhibits on energy and water conservation by other municipalities, TDG provided a 3D concept master plan based on the “progression through a house”, providing exhibits in each “room” to demonstrate the various ways and benefits of conservation. TDG then worked closely with all the department representatives to outline each of the rooms and each of the exhibits to ensure the goals were documented in three-dimensional form as well as verbally. The final product was a booklet showing the master plan and each exhibit in two and three-dimensions to assist with the future construction of the exhibits as funds become available.