Church of the Wildwood

Green Mountain Falls, CO | 2016

This project, as small as it may seem, does an incredible job serving the congregation of the Church in the Wildwood. Located in a small mountain town just west of Colorado Springs, in Green Mountain Falls, TDG had the opportunity to team with the Church in the Wildwood to create a multi-phased approach to several renovation projects.

Having been neglected and free from proper upgrades, it was our job to outline a series of renovation projects to best solve their needs.

The Church compiled the documentation for applying for a grant, and we were there to help produce the visuals and promote creative thinking.

The first phase aimed to solve very important aspects of the Church to be able to better serve the community.

The objectives were to create a welcoming sense of arrival, to create an accessible path from existing parking to a new covered walkway and main entrance, and to increase the safety of the exterior walking surfaces. The interior remodel of the main common area was also a priority of the Church.

The first phase, after much coordination and participation with the Church’s design committee, was decided to bring a new entry to the Church and renovate their entry commons hall. As a first phase, this area held the largest impact for the amount of financial help they could proceed with. The Church lacked a clear entry at its street-facing facade. Instead, the front courtyard had several doors all looking similar, left guests unsure of which door was the correct one. To help solve this Tremmel Design Group designed an extension of an existing canopy to create a further reaching entry canopy that lead to a new set of double doors and entry vestibule. Paired with new pendant light fixtures, and rich tongue and groove wood, the entry became the prominent feature of the existing courtyard.

The outstanding outcome of this project’s first phase is largely due to the collaboration between the members of the Church, the Contractor, and the Architect. All parties made the effort to keep it on budget and on time.