Brewer’s Republic

Colorado Springs, CO | 2016

Originally as a small building addition designed to take advantage of a walled-in dumpster space along a busy downtown Colorado Springs’ street, the Brewer‘s Republic Beer Pub idea manifested itself as once TDG quickly realized that the new area was adjacent to the existing historic building’s under-utilized commercial kitchen. Using this information, the small addition could leverage the current kitchen and become a unique pub or small coffee shop without having to create the costly kitchen areas.

As an added bonus, the existing buildings stairwells also adjoined the new space so TDG could work with the Owner on leveraging more space for a roof deck – one of the first roof decks in Colorado Springs at that time. The unique architecture of the existing building,  a former YWCA with a Venetian/Gothic design, required a different approach that could reflect the building look while creating its own identity. By taking advantage of the opportunities that existed, TDG provided a beautiful building addition that was twice as large, more useful and created more value to the Owner than its small budget would have suggested initially.

Working closely with the contractor (and budget), the solution was to emulate the special Gothic arch shape in steel for the entry area and provide a simple steel ‘English Greenhouse’ type structure that was prevalent at the time the original building was built.